Baby step to the car.

Baby step to the gallery..

Baby step to the print shop…

If any of you are ‘What about Bob?’ fans like my Dad then you can appreciate the importance of baby steps. Today’s blog is all about them, both for Captured Sky and me. For myself, this marks the first week I’ve gone without crutches or cane following my surgeries…HOORAY!! I’ve been trying to limit my movement to baby steps, but I’ve been so excited to be free that what I’ve been doing is more like baby leaps 😛 But I’m feeling good and feeling strong! Being able to walk puts me that much closer to being able to jump. And you know what that means? Fresh catching is in order!

According to my fortune cookie, this can only mean good things 😉


For Captured Sky, the steps forward are even more exciting. This week the very first Giclée reproduction of one of our works was crafted! Giclée is derived from the French verb gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray” and refers to the process used to create what are considered collector quality, fine art digital prints. These prints use fade-resistant archival inks and multiple cartridge variations per color to produce a much broader palette than traditional printing. The result: recreations that are within a 90% accuracy of their original work, or greater.


This is one of the final and biggest steps forward towards releasing the first pieces of sky!
Due to the very unique nature of the pieces, the way they were crafted, and the lengths taken to produce them, it has been very hard to think about letting any of them go. I’ve bonded with them each. And although I may not be able to go back up and catch the same piece of sky twice, through the marvel of technology and giclée printing, I can have a copy as a keepsake.


She’s all wrapped up, but this is the giclée of Skydive Dallas 2.


This also means that, for some of our works, limited edition artist numbered prints will be available! Exciting! We haven’t yet decided on a release date or which ones will be available as prints…baby steps, remember? But we are drawing nearer to the finish line, which for Captured Sky is only just the beginning!