For Amy

The beauty of this sky is a wonder to behold. Bold sunrises with golden yellows and orange, even bolder sunsets with vivid purples and red. Although both are stunning and captivating, it seems the most beauty is often seen in the sky’s last light.

The same can be true for us […]

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National Art Encounter – The Premier!

Hello friends,

Hope you all are taking advantage of this wonderful weather we’ve been having. So much sun shining and grass growing it’s actually starting to feel like spring! Now, if it can just continue through the weekend so we can catch some sky we’ll be in business.
Speaking of good weather, you know […]

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National Art Encounter – CS does Florida

Naples – WOW – where do I begin?

The past few days we’ve been living large in the sunshine state and boy has it been an adventure! Palm trees, ocean breeze, and art, art, ART! Covered in galleries, street vendors, and collectors’ store fronts, Naples is a veritable Mecca for tourist and residents […]

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National Art Encounter – the first steps

It’s mid March. The weather is still wet and cold here in the Dallas area but believe it or not, we’re in Spring Break! Whoohoo! This year, floaties and pool time have been exchanged for mittens and heater-hugging. But no worries, not even this cold soggy weather can put a damper […]

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The Journey to becoming Juried

When it comes to art, anything goes. There is no right or wrong, no formula for completion, no expectation for its design. It is, because it was made to be, a raw expression of our minds. A limited glimpse of the limitless capabilities of the imagination. How […]

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Cheers to ’15!

It’s 2015 and time for some resolutions.

Personally, 2014 was a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t say I accomplished even half of the things I had hoped to. But that’s the beauty of a New Year, a new opportunity to start fresh and work towards new goals. For Captured Sky, 2015 […]

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Baby, it’s cold outside!

The days are short and cold and the nights are long and colder, winter is definitely upon us. Along with the chilly temperatures, the season change brings with it the dreary weather associated with the time of year. Lots of clouds, lots of wind, and lots of gloom; none of which are […]

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Baby steps

Baby step to the car.

Baby step to the gallery..

Baby step to the print shop…

If any of you are ‘What about Bob?’ fans like my Dad then you can appreciate the importance of baby steps. Today’s blog is all about them, both for Captured Sky and me. For myself, this marks the first […]

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Welcome home!


Big sigh of relief today as we welcome home our formerly misplaced pieces of sky 😛 It’s so good to have you back!

A few months ago I had taken several of our more recent catches to my sister’s house to show her. She’s a very talented artist and photographer herself […]

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Third time’s a charm

Hello friends!

I’m currently on sabbatical from jumping following a couple surgeries I had to have on my hips. All is well and I shall fly another day but in the mean time, since I can’t catch any new sky, thought I might dish about some of the originals.

So I wanna take you back, […]