It’s 2015 and time for some resolutions.

Personally, 2014 was a bit of a whirlwind. I can’t say I accomplished even half of the things I had hoped to. But that’s the beauty of a New Year, a new opportunity to start fresh and work towards new goals. For Captured Sky, 2015 is all about the w0rd! Getting the word out there, that is.

So far, we’ve had a lot of phenomenal support from our skydivers. You guys are awesome. We love you. You’re perfect. Don’t change a thing. But this year we’re really focusing on pulling Captured Sky down from the clouds and into the light to be seen by the greater community. This year we hope to start sharing the sky’s beautiful talents with everyone and getting the word out to those not already captivated by the skydiving world.

Our first step towards that goal has been through the artist community. Naturally, the second largest audience that we would cater to; those who appreciate the unique and abstract. So we’ve been throwing our hat, or more literally our canvases, into the ring in some online art competitions. So far we’ve seen a decent responce. Several of our pieces have now been hosted on these artists’ websites! For instance, you may recall us asking for your votes when Elation was hosted for several weeks on Uncommon Goods’ website.


We we’re also very pleased when a whole handful of our pieces, Coral, Synergy, Rip Tide, Sampson, and Elation were hosted on A Singular Creation’s Online Gallery.



And two of these same pieces, Rip Tide and Sampson, continued to make us proud by recieving recognition in Light, Space, and Time’s All Women’s Online Art Competition.



But our most exciting recognition is our most recent; acceptance into the 2015 National Art Encounter Exhibit in Naples, Florida! Unlike our previous acknowledgments, which were online ventures, this will be our first brick and motar gallery exhibition! It also means from this point on, Captured Sky has officially reached juried status in the art community. We’ll have another blog explaining more about what that means, but it’s a big deal in the art world!


We’re super excited about the opportunity and look forward to sharing more details with everyone as we go through the process. Most of all we’re hoping to keep this momentum goinng through 2015 and continue growing our audience of sky enthusiasts! But an especially big thanks to all our fans that are out there reading with us now, you’re the reason we’re motivated to grow.

Thank you for the inspiration and support!