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Since man first turned eyes upward, the sky has been a mesmerizing and elusive mistress.  Intriguing and seductive; her wonderful array of form and color begs attention.  At times, supple and soft.  At others, cruel and unyielding.  We wax longingly to understand her. Always in our sight and yet always beyond our grasp.

So the lust to be closer grows. We try desperately to reach her.  Build towers to be near her.  Build planes to be with her…jump out to be in her. But no matter the lengths taken, the time shared is always fleeting.  Like star-crossed lovers, we two can never be.  With feet planted firmly on the ground we are left looking up at the grim reality that, no matter how deep our love, she will always be our mistress and never our Mrs.

Capture the Sky

For as long as I have loved her I have longed for a souvenir from our affair. A token, a favor, an object from her in which to place my affection. For some time I had given up on the idea believing it to be impossible. But now I know it is possible. Now, I know how to Capture the Sky.




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Red Robin

Red Robin

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