Big sigh of relief today as we welcome home our formerly misplaced pieces of sky 😛 It’s so good to have you back!


A few months ago I had taken several of our more recent catches to my sister’s house to show her. She’s a very talented artist and photographer herself so I wanted to see how she liked the pieces. Regretfully, when it was time to go, I overlooked one of the smaller boxes and left them behind 🙁 What’s worse is that I didn’t even realize the little guys were missing for quite some time.

So my sister, who is a mother of three and a busy business owner (check out her awesome work: ) had naturally stowed the box away some place really safe. You know? One of those super secrete, ultra hidden, why-would-you-ever-put-something-there places that even you can’t remember where it is cause it’s that ‘safe’? That’s where my skylings were. So I could take comfort in the fact knowing that they were stowed away someplace secure beyond the reach of napping cats or children’s hands, but despaired because neither I or my sister knew where that place was.



My sister and her husband, with a little ingenuity and some mad digging, managed to expertly locate a fore mentioned safest of safe spots and conjointly the missing pieces of sky!


I am SOOO tickled to have them back! In the box contained some favorites: a pair of brothers crafted on the same jump but accented in contrasting metallics, the sister piece to ElationElated, and many of the smaller ‘firsts’ that we did when we were just getting started.



Such a relief to have them home and will be adding them to the gallery soon!