Captured Sky is a concept born out of a profound love for the sky and the overwhelming desire to lay claim to a small piece of it for ourselves. Created during freefall skydive(s), this artwork is crafted entirely above ground, in the sky, and is untouched by human hand*. While in freefall or under canopy, paints and other medians are released into the wind towards canvas and cloth to create stunning images literally painted by the sky. These captured images are then completed with their conception information. This information provides the owner with a brief description of the sky’s conditions at the time the piece was jumped, the amount of “sky captured” meaning the total amount of freefall time for the piece, and the location over which the sky was caught.

Never before has it been possible to claim a piece of the sky until now.

*Some canvases have had a base coat added prior to jump. This has been indicated on any piece where such coat exists.