My name is Michelle Nirumandrad and I am an avid skydiver and nature enthusiast. I started skydiving in the spring of 2008. Shortly there after, I remember acquiring a strong desire to have a piece of the sky for myself, to remind me of her beauty. I worked a job indoors, with no windows, and no view. Naturally, I wanted something from the sky to comfort me in her absence.

If you love the ocean, she will give you one of her shells. Love the forest and he will lend you one of his branches. But love the sky and you are left empty handed? It seemed so unfair. Feverishly, I tried to think of a way to bottle a cloud or color the wind but with no avail. That’s when I realized that I may not be able to color the wind, but I can give the wind something to color with.

On July 9th 2013 the first painting by the sky was captured. As the facilitator, I get discretion in choosing the color or type of median used. But the artwork’s design and final image is entirely up to the winds that paint them. I often have to remind myself that the real artist is not me, but rather the sky. It is rare that she gives me any one piece that looks quite like another. They are each unique and like us can never be duplicated.